Update 22/12/14:

Just installed this driver on a Windows 8.1 system for the first time myself and it worked fine. One thing you will need to do is to turn off the verify driver checking or you will get a HASH error.

The procedure for doing this can be found here…

Note too that you may have to turn off SecureBoot in your system BIOS to carry out the steps detail above. This can be done by following the steps detailed at…

Once these are done you should install the driver in the normal manner using ‘have disk’.


Taff Lovesey


This is one for small businesses using the Hewlett Packard DesignJet 450C plotter.
With many small businesses moving to Windows 7 64 bit, those with this large format plotter will find themselves let down by HP as there is no official 64 bit driver for the device.

After trawling through reams of forum info it appeared that the only solution was to use the 430 designjet plotter driver which worked but only in black and white / greyscale. However, I did eventually find a solution thanks to user jdm13 on the HP forums.

jdm13 has produced a modified driver that provides colour support for the DJ 450C in 64 bit. You can download this from here:

Update 7/5/13: Just checked the link above and it is still working so try there first.
If no luck then as I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this post drop me an email.

I don’t understand why HP have not produced a 64 bit driver (although I can guess) for the DJ450C but this third party driver does the job which could make a big difference to a small business as it means they can continue to use their old plotter.

I had a few problems getting to the driver as it kept reporting the page was missing. Eventually though this problems seemed to be resolved. If you can’t get to the driver at the link then contact me via the from on my web site and I will email it to you.

Update 7/5/13 from user Jeff Anderson
I had the driver but, thought it was buggy because I kept getting a corruption error when I tried to install it in windows 8. But, I learned that I just needed to temporarily turn off Integrity checks and it loaded fine.

Taff Lovesey

About taffybach

Author of the young adult fantasy novel series, The Portal Chronicles, including The Spider Gem and The Shimmering Gate. When not writing and promoting Taff runs a small IT support company, LITES PC based in Bourne UK.
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  1. Carles says:

    Hy Taffybach, I full identify what you expose in your writing because I work in a small business as you descrived and having migrated actually to W7, we can not use the A0 plotter as we were used to. We contacted HP support service and told us what you descrive, incredible!

    I’d like to find the solution you mentioned about the trouble with the HP DesignJet 450C W7 proper drivers in full color mode. The link you left It seems to be wrong, just appears the main page of mediafire but no longer solution at all.

    Awaiting some posible light to our trouble, thank you for your attention and congratulate your hepfull writing

    • PoggoWeyyy says:

      That is incorrect, could you send me the right one please? Thanks

      • taffybach says:

        I’ve just tested the link again and it is fine. You may need to try a few times as mediafire’s service seems sporadic.
        If still no good contact me again and I’ll send the driver to you

  2. Lucas says:

    having trouble setting it up after the download… the download is not recognized as a driver. any thoughts

  3. hi there-

    the link appears broken… i have tried it many many times- any chance you could e-mail it to me-?!

    seems a shame HP don’t support the older machines- i can understand they wouldnt support home stuff, but businesses spend loads on large format plotters so why not help them out…

    Hope thats ok


  4. Thx you very much! Great work!

  5. max says:

    I write from Italy, and thank you for the useful information with which I was able to install the printer

    • Francesco I. says:

      Ciao… ho lo stesso problema di stamap con il plotter HP DJ 450c. Potresti aiutarmi dicendomi com e sei riuscito a installare i driver della stampante??
      Ti ringrazierei se mi contattassi all’indirizzo di sotto.
      Grazie ancora

      • Luigi says:

        Ciao, stesso problema windows8.1 e D.j 450/c …riuscite ad aiutarmi ? non riesco a trovare i driver per far funzionare il mio plotter insieme il nuovo sistema operativo. Hp mi dice di cambiare macchina, ma non ne ho intenzione !!! Per piacer aiutatemi !!!

      • taffybach says:

        Luigi is having problems getting the driver to work in Windows 8.1. As many have used the driver successfully for Windows 8 I would be very surprised if it doesn’t work for Windows 8.1 too.
        Has anyone got it working successfully for 8.1? If so could you please document what you did to help others. I no longer have access to a suitable plotter so I can’t test this myself.
        jdm13 – would you have time to put a brief process together for how to load on Windows 8 / Windows 8.1?

  6. Jure says:

    Driver worked great on win7 64 for my HP Designjet 450C!!! This article solved my problem under one minute … I was affraid it would be a nightmare to get this old plotter to work on 64bit windows 7. Thank you and happy new year from Slovenia!

  7. serge gabriel says:

    thanks a lot, I’am waiting a lot of time to solve this nightmare.
    It’a great gift for this new year
    thanks y a wonderfull year 2012 from Belgium

  8. Irrate HP User says:

    It is ridiculous that printer manufacturers do not add drivers for their expensive products (450C Plotter). You can see that manufacturers want us to buy their new products but as a small business unfortunately budgets are constrained!

  9. Décio Ferreira says:

    It works perfectly…


  10. Rich says:

    Thank You! Sincerely, honestly and with full appreciation of your efforts – Thank You!

  11. We bought “new” plotter, HP DJ 700 (A0), and this drivers works as well as on 450C ;-). So THANK YOU AGAIN !!!
    But maybe, you can change the title, because this driver works with another plotters. It’s because of plp they are searching for drivers as me. I searched “700”, but there is writing only about 450C…
    If you understand me. Sorry, for my english…


  12. jdm13 says:

    hello.. the driver its for all this models …
    HP DesignJet ColorPro CAD
    “HP DesignJet 3500CP
    “HP DesignJet 3000CP
    “HP DesignJet 2500CP
    “HP DesignJet 2000CP
    “HP DesignJet 750C+
    “HP DesignJet 750C+
    “HP DesignJet 755CM(C3198B)
    “HP DesignJet 700 (E/A0)
    “HP DesignJet 700 (D/A1)
    “HP DesignJet 488CA (E/A0)
    “HP DesignJet 488CA (D/A1)
    “HP DesignJet 455CA (E/A0)
    “HP DesignJet 455CA (D/A1)
    “HP DesignJet 450C (E/A0)
    “HP DesignJet 450C (D/A1)
    “HP DesignJet 750C (E/A0)
    “HP DesignJet 750C (D/A1)
    “HP DesignJet 755CM(C3198A)
    “HP DesignJet 350C (E/A0)
    “HP DesignJet 350C (D/A1)
    “HP DesignJet 330 (E/A0)
    “HP DesignJet 330 (D/A1)
    “HP DesignJet 650C(C2859B)
    “HP DesignJet 650C(C2858B)
    “HP DesignJet 650C(C2859A)
    “HP DesignJet 650C(C2858A)
    “HP DesignJet 600 (E/A0)
    “HP DesignJet 600 (D/A1)
    “HP DesignJet 250C (E/A0)
    “HP DesignJet 250C (D/A1)
    “HP DesignJet 200 (E/A0)
    “HP DesignJet 220 (D/A1)
    “HP DesignJet 230 (E/A0)
    “HP DesignJet 230 (D/A1)

    some of them its have been tested and working ( i think someone say about rotation at 450 but i dont have ploter right now to test it..)
    i think 220 , 450 , 750 , 755 .330 have been tested…

  13. To jdm13: And HP DesignJet 700 (E/A0) have been tested by me ;-).

  14. shuwo says:

    I have been looking real hard for DJ 120 series Win7 support.
    One person posted in other forum stating DJ 130 driver works but another
    user said not so… Anyone has an answer? Thanks!

  15. jdm13 says:

    firts try to upgrade your firmaware… maybe the first user have the latest and the second have oldest…
    at this if you look at. its have the 110-120-130 its the same procedure( be carefull not the same firmware..) .. soo you can try it.. update the firmware plug it when it find a device install it as 130 and u will see what will happen …..

    btw if you the other forum is tomshardware
    its say “documents waiting to be printed” i thing that is show it at pc..
    if the driver doesn fit… it will print ( strange lines..) or will show at printer, error message…

  16. Gonçalo Vaz de Carvalho says:

    Thanks a lot!!!!

    Worked perfectly on Win7 x64 with HP DesignJet 350c!


  17. FABIO says:

    Someone use this plotter with a USB-PARALLEL CABLE.?? I use this and I don’t know if the problem is the cable or driver: the plotter print line and strange characters.
    I have win7 and i want print from my laptop with USB PARALLEL PRINTER CONVENTER by

    • taffybach says:

      Yes – most of the people posting on here are using the plotter with a USB-Parallel converter cable. The driver mentioned should work fine with that and Windows 7

      • FABIO says:

        and so, what happen ? there is some particular setting to do ?
        -Install the cable (it’s recognized by win7)
        -Connect the plotter (HP DESIGNJET 450C – A1version)
        -it’s recognized by win7 but don’t find the driver …..I put this manual . From Setting I select our plotter – update driver – and I choose “I have a disk driver” and from the list i choose HP DesignJet 450C (D/A1). the win7 says “don’t instal because the bla bla…” I install this driver.
        -restart pc and I try to print something from Autocad, Word , a picture etc.. but the result it’s the same….. LINE AND STRANGE CHARACTERES.

      • taffybach says:

        Which driver are you using.
        It nees to be the Windows 7 64 bit driver mention on this posting.
        There isn’t a generic version.

        If you are using this driver then I suspect another issue (faulty cable?) as the process above is correct.

      • FABIO says:

        Yes sure, i’m using the driver mentioned on this post. Maybe the cable is fake. I try to buy another one? what brand are you using ? THANKS

      • taffybach says:

        Sorry – I’m not sure – it was at my client’s site. I think it was a belkin though but not certain.

  18. jdm13 says:

    with usb cable its better to test it first without extension usb cable( if you have…)
    try at printer properties to use memory from pc,check paper sizes…

    play a bit before try other cable…

  19. Sam says:

    Thanks alot for this link.
    This driver worked for my new PC with Win7 (64bit) and HP Designjet 450C.
    I also needed to buy a 1,5meter USB to parallel cable. The cable is from “goobay” article no. “68874.95434”.
    BUT…. I’m not yet able to send the AutoCAD plot to this network plotter!
    My old AutoCAD does not “see” the plotter! And I do not know how to do this…yet!

  20. Gianni says:

    I bought a laptop with windows 7 64 bit, connected to the plotter HP 450C A / 0 with usb adapter, installed the drivers I downloaded from this post, I select my model (HP 450C) and I try to print but nothing is printed.
    What did I do wrong, may be the parallel cable / usb wrong?

    • taffybach says:

      This issue has already been covered in the previous comments – please search for solutions before repeating questions.
      However, as per jdm13’s earlier recommendation, try installing without the usb adapter first.
      If you can’t do this (ie; no port) then you may want to try to replace the usb adapter cable as many others, including myself, have had no problems using the driver with a USB adapter.

      • Gianni says:

        Ok thanks now works with parallel adapter / usb connected directly to the plotter, but if I add a USB extension cable of 1.40 m not printing.
        Do you have tips?

  21. jdm13 says:

    i think isnt have issus with the driver ( 99% ) its beacuse the cable is too long soo the power isnt enough
    you can try with usb splitter with externel power maybe or without … if you have
    and never use the front usb’s

    issus if you use extended or front usb : if you try to print large image or anything maybe you get corrupt or the printer stop printing’s or print ascii char’s

    the adove is only the translate .. because its my lang and i can explain it better ..


  22. jdm13 says:

    επειδη νομιζω οτι εισαι και ελληνας …
    να στο πω και ελληνικα …
    tα usb γενικος με μεγαλο καλωδιο εχουν προβληματα παντα και σε αλλες συσκευες ( αναλογα)
    τωρα επειδη δεν εχω κανενα πλοττερ μπορεις να δοκιμασης η με ενα usb hub εχω δει καποια που εχουν δυο usb η με εξωτερικο ρευμα ( υπαρχουν ) .. τωρα αμα θα σου λειτουργηση .. ενας θεος ξερει .. παντος με παραλληλη θυρα και καλωδιο 10 μετρα μου δουλεψε … τα eshop εχουν παραλληλη θυρα που μπενει σε pci επισης για να μην εχεις σταματηματα σε μεγαλα σχεδια απο της ρυθμισης στην τελευταια καρτελα βαλε να χρησιμοποιεί την μνημη απο το pc

  23. South Africa says:

    Legend – thanks a stack!

  24. imperator says:

    works great with HP DesignJet 450C A1 connected via Edimax PS-3207U FastEthernet network print server. Thank you everyone!

  25. Dave says:

    Do you know if there is a 32 bit version of this driver? The reason I ask is because we have recently replaced our 32 bit server with a 64 bit server.We have some w/7 64 bit computers as well as xp 32 bit computers. I would like to load the 64 bit driver and the 32 bit driver as an additional driver,and share the plotter for both operating systems. Thank You

    • taffybach says:

      I believe that the official HP Vista Driver works for the 32 bit version. I’ve not tested that statement but I seem to remember reading on another forum that someone has used it successfully.

      • jdm13 says:

        yes the 32bit version from xp its work for every os .. and for windows 7-vista 32 bit ( it will popup some warnings simple press i trust it) .. that’s the reason i didnt make it ..

  26. taffybach says:

    Has anyone tried setting up a Designjet plotter using this driver via a small print server with a USB and/or parallel connection? ( such as the D-Link DPR-1061 )

    My client wants a better way of sharing the plotter and a scanner – the print server looks ideal but I’m concerned about the plotter working via the print server.

    jdm13 – have you tried this?


  27. jdm13 says:

    op one user connect it with Edimax PS-3207U
    imperator says:
    April 17, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    works great with HP DesignJet 450C A1 connected via Edimax PS-3207U FastEthernet network print server. Thank you everyone!

  28. Pete says:

    Driver works great on my print server. (Server 2008R2)

    Thanks, this was a life saver.

  29. marc says:

    the driver is working for me but color is wrong. All the black and grey areas printed correctly, but all the colors print as shades of pink even though the drawing has large areas of green, blue, etc.

    win7/64 via HP printserver to parallel connector.

    Any ideas anyone?


    • taffybach says:

      Have you tried going direct to a PC using a USB-Parallel print cable. This would take the print server out of the equation as well as any cable issues.

    • jdm13 says:

      can you upload photo of what is printing? the problem is confusing colors?
      btw this is for everyone … at printer properties at last tab you have to set it at computer not at printer ( this will eliminate problem with large projects dont forget it… i have say it many times)

      at printer properties at option at color control is all defaults? vivid colors

      did print a test page?

      why i say that if you use autocad maybe you have change pen colors?

  30. jdm13 says:

    btw is anyone have techjet 720c from calcomp ? is anyone know why everytime its say cooling head? i have to change printhead ?

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  32. Lindsay says:

    Worked for me – thank you.
    Win 7 64, HP 2500CP

  33. Joe55 says:

    Thanks Taffybach! Download and installation succeeded. My 488CA isn’t visible in Windows 7 configuration screen (?), but it is in all applications. So i’ll dust off the plotter and give it a go this weekend.

  34. Ellen says:

    Thanks Taffybach! This worked for me and an HP350C (E/AO). I did need to connect the plotter directly to the Win7 machine to install the driver and was able to send plots but got errors back that the document failed to print. Since the driver successfully installed with the parallel / USB cable, I was able to get the Win7 machine to recognize the plotter when I put the plotter back on a networked WinXP machine. Thanks again!

  35. RP Schmitz says:

    I’m trying to solve a similar HP450C 64bit driver problem under a Windows 7 OS. I’m using a Hawking printer server and enter the IP address for it when setting up the port. I get the 0x00000002 error message. I can install the 430 driver and print B&W but I’d like to do color if possible. I do have an XP virtual machine installed and could go that route but it looks like folks have found some success under Windows 7. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • taffybach says:

      Not sure about the Hawking but I had no problems with a D-Link DPR-1061 Printer Server orinting in colour to a 450C in Win 7 64bit

      • RP Schmitz says:

        Today the driver works with the Hawking print server for whatever reason, except anything colored prints light gray scale. Setting to print in Gray Scale results in a good B&W print. In printer properties it says Color: “No” although Printing Preferences shows the options for printing in color. So it seems part of the driver is working. One other thing is that I need open and close the cover to do a second print. This seems a little odd too. Also: no color with print test page, didn’t reboot after install but don’t think you should need too.

  36. RP Schmitz says:

    An update to my earlier post above. Color problem had to do with the ink cartridges, not the driver, thank God. I had just gotten “new” remanufactured cartridges and discovered, installing and reinstalling this driver, cleaning all contact points, two days of wasted time, etc., that two of the cartridges were defective. By the way if you used virtual XP machine for and old version of AutoCad, as I do, when you look at printer properties it’ll say Color: “Yes”. FYI: this driver will work for the DesignJet 450c on a Hawking Printer Server. Thanks Taffybach for all your help.

  37. Pisiorek says:

    Hello. I use HP DesignJet 488CA and AutoCad, I have a problem with my plotter since I changed computer on that which has a Windows 7 64bit. It printing only in monochrome. Can you help me. Greetings from Poland

    • taffybach says:

      Pisiorek – yes, download the driver as linked in the solution. I’ve just tested the link and it works fine but for ease here it is again

      • Pisiorek says:

        Thank you for your answer. I understand that the driver from your link is other than that one from first post, because I have installed than from first link on this website and I have still problem with colour printing. I will try install the driver again.

    • Pisiorek says:

      OK, I have found mistake. I have chosen wrong plotter from list of plotters during driver installation . After correct driver installation plotter work perfectly. Thank you for help.

  38. Tony M says:

    Driver pl532en works for HP DesignJet 750C+ on Windows 7 (64 bit).

    The driver also appears to support:

    • HP DesignJet ColorPro CAD by HP
    • HP DesignJet 3500CP by HP
    • HP DesignJet 3000CP by HP
    • HP DesignJet 2500CP by HP
    • HP DesignJet 2000CP by HP
    • HP DesignJet 750C+ (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 750C+ (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 755CM(C3198B)by HP
    • HP DesignJet 700 (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 700 (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 488CA (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 488CA (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 455CA (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 455CA (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 450C (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 450C (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 750C (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 750C (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 755CM(C3198A)by HP
    • HP DesignJet 350C (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 350C (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 330 (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 330 (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 650C(C2859B) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 650C(C2858B) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 650C(C2859A) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 650C(C2858A) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 600 (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 600 (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 250C (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 250C (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 200 (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 200 (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 220 (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 220 (D/A1) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 230 (E/A0) by HP
    • HP DesignJet 230 (D/A1) by HP

  39. Mike says:

    I am using at PCIx Parallel Card (SYBA P/N SD-PEX50030). The driver installed OK but when I try to plot anything nothing comes out and Windows reports “Printing – error”. Anyone else tried this solution with an internal parallel card? I’m thinking I should get a USB to Parallel adapter. Ideas?

  40. jdm13 says:

    check for update driver? :/

    at windows 7 and some paraller card i had problem dunno why … i ony manage to print to change from device manage at port change lpt1 to lpt2 ok and then again lpt1 .. hmm i dont rememver excacly .. and then magic its print.. but at restart you have to do the same ..

    but i dont know how why .. its stops print and with this.. maybe a update.. :/
    soooo he buy usb to lpt and i dump the paraller haspkey ( because he have old paraller hasp ) sooo everthing ok …
    iif you need the lpt for hasp its better check your mobo if support lpt soo you can buy extension for it..
    if not then buy usb->lpt

  41. Mike says:

    Switching from a PCIx parallel card to a USB -> DB25 adapter worked! It only plots from AutoCad – does not plot from windows – but that’s OK. Thanks! Great work!

  42. Gianni says:

    Excuse me has anyone tried these drivers with Windows 8 ?

    • jdm13 says:

      go to the Advanced Startup app in Windows 8, you can choose to reboot the computer with Advanced Startup options enabled. You’ll then be given the opportunity to boot into “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” mode

      install the printer .. but you have to boot everytime with Disable Driver Signature Enforcement to printer to work … :/

      with this way isnt tested but iam sure its will work ..

      one other … why use windows 8 when you have windows 7 … you have touchscreen or you like soooooo much metro … :/

  43. pmh says:

    Installed the driver on windows 8.
    Had to follo w the directions on this link to not get the errors with “hash checks”.

    • jdm13 says:

      yeap its the same “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” from boot screen … but its the permanty way .. i was boring to testit .. :/ i think if you enable it again its still works.. ( that i was want to test ..) i dont know.. for sure.. but you can try to enable it again and test it 🙂 for me… if you have time..

  44. Duffy says:

    Hi i have installed the drivers on to my computer and when i go to print in the printer status to get an instant error under the status bar. any help would be great thank you.

    • taffybach says:

      I’d be surprised if it was the drivers as they generally work first time every time so far.

      • Duffy says:

        i have used a USB to parallel and a parallel cable. sorry if i am not explaining this fully correct

      • taffybach says:

        What is the eror that you get?

      • Duffy says:

        Under status all it says is Error-Printing then under port it says LPT1

      • taffybach says:

        Is it the same when you connect via USB and use a USB port?
        Do you know that the plotter is a working unit?
        Sounds like there is a problem somewhere in the interfacing between plotter and PC.
        Unlikely to be the driver as it works fine on other systems although you could try downloading it again and reinstalling to be sure its OK.

        Other than that I think you need to isolate the problem – try connecting the plotter to another system with a support OS to ensure that the plotter interface is fine.
        If all OK replace the parallel cable with a USB-Parallel converter and check again under a supported OS. If all OK then switch to Win 7 64 bit system using the modified driver.

      • jdm13 says:

        when u use USB to parallel i think your system find the cable and then the plotter.. so u have to install the driver again from the plotter .. lpt1 and usb isnt the same interface..

  45. Fireball says:

    First of all: many thanks for this great post! Tested with 450c at Win7 x64 @ LPT, it seems to work correctly.
    Now the answer for the question :”Why HP does not support…”
    Seems to me, HP’s income is not generated by old products’ driver development, but by selling the new devices. It’s bad, but it’s true…

  46. H. Ploesser says:

    Hi taffybach,
    I installed this driver on a customers PC (Win7/64). It worked fine, but he couldn’t enter free values for the paper size. He gets an error like “values not accepted” (the values are in centimetres). He is an architect and he needs the full span of the paper roll for his prints.
    Is there any solution for this issue?


    • taffybach says:

      Sorry – its not something I’m familiar with. Only a few of my clients actually use plotters so I don’t get much exposure to actually using them.
      Those that frequent this blog may have more idea especially jdm13, the author of the driver.

      Sorry again

  47. jdm13 says:

    its straing because custom sizes its ok :/…

    what value you try to add?

  48. Eric says:

    Thank you for the driver jdm13, you saved me a ton of time

  49. césar says:

    Hi! First of all, I have to apoligize because it’s not about exactly the same topic but I need help! This site is the only one where you speak about the topic with knowledge.
    I have a similar problem with hp 110. I’m trying to install the drivers on windows 7 but it’s impossible. Already I have tried with the “solution of problems of compatibility” that windows 7 offer but either. Could anyone help me?

  50. is this driver working with hp450c on windows 8 x64? I can’t install driver I get an error: “Printer Driver was not installed. The hash for this file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corupted or the victim of tempering”
    Any ideassolution
    Regards Martin

    • taffybach says:

      Personally I’ve never tried it with Windows 8, only 64 bit but if you check further down the thread you’ll find a post by PMH about avoiding the hash tag problem.

      • jdm13 says:

        yeap this is the only solution .. the error on windows 8 is because the driver isnt singed for windows 8 and i think widnows 8 change how they read singed drivers etc.. i cant do anything about it .. becuase i cant sing drivers.. :/ if someone have that authority then sing it 😀

  51. bitterroot13 says:

    Hello! I’ve installed the driver, the computer see’s the printer but after hitting test print I get nothing, sometimes it says error sometimes it just acts like it printed sometimes it just hangs there. I have tried installing for both parallel cable and parallel to USB adapter. I’ve tried using LPT1 and LPT2 and I get the same problem. (the printer used to run off a win2000 machine) Please help.

    • taffybach says:

      I’ve been exchanging emails with bitterroot13 and the system is a Windows 7 PC. Strange as we’ve never had problems in the past other than a faulty cable causing similar symptoms. Plotter works under Win2000 but not on Win 7 with the modified driver. I’ve exhausted my ideas – anyone else? (esp. jdm13?)

      • bitterroot13 says:

        I’ve played with it a little bit, still using my 6ft parallel cable now (Though I think my engineer will need the USB to work for it when I get it talking to win7.) It’s at least no pretending to work it is just saying “error-printing”

      • taffybach says:

        You’ve probably tried this already but just in case, have you put the plotter back on the Windows 200 system to check its working? You may be chasing shadows if not.

      • jdm13 says:

        windows 2000 and windows 7 is on same computer ? i trhink not ..because on error printing like if start printing and stop on middle .. is becuase of power of lpt1 – usb soemthing like that .. if on begin its say error printing .. mm is lpt card ? or onboard lpt on motherboard

  52. bitterroot13 says:

    I figured out the problem. My win7 installation was brand new and all of my devices hadn’t received the proper updates. I had to manually go in and manually update from my device manager. restarted and voila! It prints! I am going to test with the USB cable and once I get that going I will be an incredibly happy girl. Thank you so much for all your help, you are truly amazing!

    • taffybach says:

      Superb! Glad you got it sorted 🙂
      Can’t take much of the credit really – jdm13 did the driver hard work and you the troubleshooting locally. Good job to both 🙂
      Take care

  53. chris sinclair says:

    does anybody have a solution for the designjet 430 to work with Windows 8; 64 bit? thanks.

  54. Raymundo Van Scoit says:

    Hola mi problema es que quiero conectar un ploter hp desingjet 450c a windows 8 y nadamas no puedo por no encuantro los controladores auxilioooooo!!!!!!!!

  55. Pingback: 64 bit driver for HP Designjet Plotters (including 450C and 700) for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 | LITES PC

  56. mega4u says:

    Hi, having been trying to install the driver for 450c on win 8 and tried the commands as detailed in but to no avail. Have tried several times now but always the same thing – hash problem. Any new fixes out there?

  57. mega4u says:

    Yes, I have, several times but still get the hash problem and that is why I asked if there are any other fixes.

  58. jdm13 says:

    the command promt do you run it as administrator?

  59. Pingback: 64Bit Designjet Driver for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 | LITES PC

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