Taking Screenshots in Windows 8 – Using Gadwin Printscreen

If like me you are a fan of Gadwin Printscreen, which is infinitely better than the Microsoft’s in-built Snippet Tool, you may be disappointed when trying to use it in the Windows 8 metro (front end App) interface and finding it doesn’t work.

Don’t panic – it does.

Here’s how:

First of all download Gadwin printscreen by linking to the Gadwin Website and downloading the Printscreen Pro (paid) version or, like me, the free version.

It doesn’t matter if you use download it from the front end App version of Internet Explorer or the backend Desktop version, or indeed any other browser.

After download install Gadwin Printscreen.

Once installed you will find that there is now an icon on the Windows 8 desktop for Gadwin Printscreen

Windows 8 Desktop - Gadwin

Now Right Click on Gadwin PrintScreen

Left Click on Pin to Start

You will now have a shortcut for Gadwin somewhere on the Windows 8 Start screen.

It is now worth configuring Gadwin Printscreen to match the way in which you normally use it. For example I use the following settings…


Source – rectangular area (lets you draw a rectangle anywhere eon the screen)
Destination – clipboard
Captured File type – jpg

You will now find that on the Windows 8 Desktop Gadwin will work as normal; on pressing the Print Screen button on the keyboard it will capture a screenshot of the entire screen or the rectangular area dependent on the settings above.

However, if you try this in the Windows 8 Metro Start screen it will not work.

This can be fixed by using the Gadwin Printscreen Start menu icon that we created above.

Drop to the Start menu

Press the PrintScreen button on the keyboard

It appears that nothing happens. However, Gadwin is running in the background waiting for your input.

Windows 8 Start - Gadwin printscreen

Without clicking anywhere else click the Gadwin Printscreen

If you have Gadwin set to draw a rectangle you will now see the usual Gadwin interface and you can now process to draw a rectangle on the Metro screen which will be captured.
Draw your capture rectangle

Click on your right mouse button inside the rectangle to finalise your selection

You will now be presented with the usual Gadwin window prompting you to continue

Click Continue Output

Gadwin will save the screenshot to the clipboard, printer or as a file in the folder specified in the settings.

If you’ve not used Gadwin Printscreen before and you have a need to capture screen shots, for whatever reason, then I can highly recommend it. Try the free version first and, if you are a business that is making use of it regularly, support Gadwin by purchasing the Pro version (which has additional features)

I’m sure this will help someone – good luck

Taff Lovesey


About taffybach

Author of the young adult fantasy novel series, The Portal Chronicles, including The Spider Gem and The Shimmering Gate. When not writing and promoting Taff runs a small IT support company, LITES PC based in Bourne UK.
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