Transfer or Recover Data from my Outlook Express dbx mail file

With the demise of Outlook Express users may find themselves in a bit of a hole if they have not exported their email correctly before upgrading to a more modern mail client.

All is not lost if all you have is the dbx file that contains the email. This file, and there may be many if you used folders, can be analysed and converted to an .eml format that can be read by most of the current mail clients.

There are a number of tools that provide this service but the one I found most useful is MiTec Mailview (see )

This little tool is free to use but if you make use of it then the author has a ‘donate’ button on his site.

Using the tool is simple.

  • Open the mailview.exe file that you’ve downloaded by double clicking it.
  • You will see the following window

    Recover dbx mail data

    Recover dbx mail data

  • Click on the yellow browse button and browse to where you have your dbx file stored (see note below)
  • Select on the dbx file to process and click next
  • You will now see a list of emails contained within that dbx file
  • Click the box next to the ones you want to save
  • Click on Messages – Save
    You can now select whether to save the entire email, just the text or just the attachment
  • Select where you want to save the recovered files
  • Each mail will now be saved as a .eml file and useable in other email programs

Note: If you do not know where your dbx file is located if it is for Outlook express you should find it on your user folder in the Identities folder. In turn this is in the Local Settings/Application Data/ Identities – keep drilling down until you get to the lowest level where you’ll find the dbx files.
This is a ‘system hidden’ folder so you ned to select to view hidden folders.


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