Outlook 2013 Folder Panel Empty – How to remove a Windows Patch


Just saw this one in the field.

On September 10th issued a patch bundle which included KB2817630.
This patch was faulty and whilst trying to address issues of stability and reliability it ‘broke’ the folder panel area.

Although Microsoft identified this fairly quickly and removed the patch from the update process many users will already have downloaded and installed it, automatically or otherwise.

To remove the offending patch:

  • Click the Windows Start button at bottom left
  • Click on All programs
  • Scroll to Windows Update and click on it

You will now see a Window similar to the one shown below. Note that if you have pending updates then this screen will show these rather than a ‘no updates available’ message.

How to remove a Windows Patch

  • On the left panel click on View Update History

You will now see a Window similar to this


Look down the recent list and see if KB2817630 is listed. If it is then you need to uninstall it.

  • Click on the wording at the top of this window ‘to remove an update, see Install Update’


This opens the Installed Update screen

  • Click on KB2817630
  • Click Uninstall at the top of this Window
  • Reboot your system

Outlook folder view should now be fine.

Taff Lovesey



An Office 2013 non-security update, part of yesterday’s massive Patch Tuesday, blanks the folder pane in Outlook 2013, the suite’s email client, drawing complaints from customers on Microsoft’s support forum.

Mid-day Wednesday, Microsoft acknowledged that the update was flawed, confirmed it had yanked the original and was working on re-releasing a correction, and urged users to uninstall the update.

The update, identified as KB2817630, was meant to quash a several stability and performance bugs in a number of the suite’s components, including Excel, SharePoint Server and Lync; fix a problem that caused Office to freeze when a document was opened in the “Protected Mode” sandbox; and more.

Instead, it emptied Outlook 2013’s folder pane.

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