How to upgrade your iPhone / iPad to iOS 7.0

Apple would have you believe that the upgrade to iOS is trouble-free and easy. Thankfully, in part, they are correct. I have just carried out the upgrade on my iPhone 5 and it seems to have gone very well.

However, as with most updates, there are a few things to watch out for and here is the process that I used and would recommend.

First and foremost – are you running iTunes version 11.1?
If not then that is your first task.

  • Open iTunes
  • Click on Help – Check for updates


If you are not running 11.1 iTunes will prompt you to update.

When you download this update you may also be prompted to update your iCloud Control Panel to v3.0. If so then Accept this update and install that too.

With iTunes now at v11.1 you are ready to continue the upgrade to iOS 7.
The next stage is to ensure that all your online purchases have been downloaded to iTunes.
In fact, if you try to push ahead without synchronising your purchases iTunes will show this windows…
Download media to iTunes

  • Click on File – Devices – Transfer purchases from ‘name of device’

Download purchases to devices

When all purchases have been synchronised you are ready for the next step.

If you are using the iCloud to backup your device then you should already have one backup copy of your iPad/iPhone. However, I would recommend taking a PC backup regardless of whether you are using iCloud.

  • Click on your iPhone/iPad in the left hand panel of iTunes
  • Locate the Manual Backup section and click on Backup Now

Backup iPhone

OK you’re now ready for the big one.

In the same area on iTunes at the top you will see the current iOS version and the Update button

  • Click the update button


You will be prompted to do the update

  • Click update


The update proce4ss will now begin.
During this process iTunes will provide a summary of what is happening at the top of the iTunes window and your iPhone / iPad will reboot a few times.






I have a 16Gb iPhone 5 with a broadband connection of about 6.5mbps.
The whole process took about 15 minutes for me.
When all the steps have been completed you will see  a screen telling you that your device will now be restarted and to leave it connected.


When the system has rebooted you may see a message about updating your carrier.
If so then you should accept this update.

  • Click Download and Update



Once complete you will see your device synchronise with iTunes in the normal manner


Check the status of your device and you should now be on iOS 7.

Upgrade itunes to 11.1

There have been stories already about certain apps experiencing problems with iOS 7. Thankfully, over the past two days since updating I have used my usual apps and have not experienced any problems.

As with ANY new OS, Apple, Android, Windows or whatever, I would always recommend waiting until the first bug release before installing the update, but if you can’t wait the steps above should help you upgrade smoothly.

Taff Lovesey

About taffybach

Author of the young adult fantasy novel series, The Portal Chronicles, including The Spider Gem and The Shimmering Gate. When not writing and promoting Taff runs a small IT support company, LITES PC based in Bourne UK.
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