How to keep your XP PC on your network but OFF the internet

With the lack of support from Microsoft it is important to keep your XP system off the internet. This not only means not opening a browser and ‘surfing’ but also ensuring that there is no active internet connection set up on the system.

This is all well and good but if you want to continue to share documents and devices on your local network what do you need to do to remove the internet connectivity.

Step one is to find out what your local IP addresses are. To do this click on START and type cmd in the Run box

This will open up a Command Window (similar to an old DOS prompt)


Type in ipconfig and press enter


The information displayed in the example shows we are connected via an Ethernet adapter (as opposed to wireless).
The address of the PC we are on is
The subnet mask is the usual
and our router is (this is the address of your broadband router)

Write these down.

Now open your Control Panel

Click on Network Connections

Double Click the Local Area Connection icon (see note below if you have multiple connectors including wired and wireless)

Note: if you have multiple adapters you need to do this for each one. Laptops commonly have a wired adapter and a wireless adapter so would need both devices set up with different IP addresses. Remember that you will only see an IP address if that system is connected to a network via a network adapter. So if you are using a laptop with wireless connection only then you will see data for the wireless connection but the wired Ethernet connection will be blank.


Click on Use the following IP address

Enter the numbers that you noted earlier for the IP Address and Subnet Mask ONLY do not enter the address in the Default Gateway box

Click OK


Voila!  You are all done.

What you have done is given your XP system a static IP address (rather than have the router assign one as is the norm).
By setting the IP address and subnet mask to the same as it was before you have manually set the system to exist on your local network but by removing the gateway and DNS settings you are not now connected to the internet.

Remember though that you are still vulnerable to security threats via your local network but very much at a reduced risk by ensuring that your XP system has been removed form an ‘open’ Internet connection.

Hope this helps

Taff Lovesey (fantasy novels)

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Author of the young adult fantasy novel series, The Portal Chronicles, including The Spider Gem and The Shimmering Gate. When not writing and promoting Taff runs a small IT support company, LITES PC based in Bourne UK.
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