Manage your passwords with PasswordBox – provide online details to relatives after your death

pwb##001PasswordBox takes the traditional Password Manager application to a new level. Not only does it allow you to complete and save a bank of passwords in encrypted format, but it provides a one click access to your most used websites. However, the reason I’m using it is to take advantage of the feature that provides password and login details to named relatives after your death. This is only provided after the generation of a valid death certificate but can help relatives avoid days of telephone calls and chasing for your account passwords.

The application can be downloaded from and it is available for all the main web browsers. In this example I will be using Chrome as the main browser but it works equally well in IE and Firefox.

If using Chrome click to accept the Add On.


The application will now download and will be added to Chrome. You will then be prompted to create an account and a password.


You will also be asked to create a MASTER PASSWORD.
DO NOT LOSE THIS MASTER PASSWORD as it is the key to your encrypted data.


Once created you will be asked to click on one of the services shown as an example of how passwords are tracked.


Click on one of these services and login.

PasswordBox will automatically add the login details to its database in encrypted format

pwb##005 pwb##006

When it is running you will see the PasswordBox icon at the top right of your browser.


From this point on, providing PasswordBox is turned ON it will store login details and passwords as you login to websites, building a one click menu of the sites you visit that require login.

In the image below I have visited a number of other websites and PasswordBox has started to create a menu of them. I can now choose to login in to the sites using the usual browser method or by clicking on PasswordBox and logging in with just one click of the site on the menu.

So, for example; if I click on the Facebook icon in PasswordBox it will read my Facebook login details and take me straight there without the need to login. All oif the background login details are held in an encrypted format so safe even if your system is stolen or hacked.


Although the one click feature is a ‘nice to have’ what makes PasswordBox stand out are the additional features that it provides.


The Wallet allows you to keep other secure information safely encrypted. Info such as credit card details, driving license, passport etc.


Safe Notes

You can make and save secure notes in encrypted format.


Share Information

You can choose to share individual pieces of information with others. Could be handy but obviously take care who you provide with what.



This is the one that led me to PasswordBox. This feature allows you to add the details of your loved ones so that they can access all of the PasswordBox information in the event of your death. Access is only provided on the production of a valid death certificate.

This feature could save individuals handling your estate days of chasing down passwords and dealing with individual online companies.


Password Generator

Finally, for those of you that hate creating passwords, there is a simple to use password generator.


After using it for a few days I have found that all of the sites I want it to manage have been added without a problem with the exception of the Royal Mail site which doesn’t register as a ‘login’ style site to PasswordBox.

All in all I’m impressed with the PasswordBox application and I have added my son and daughter to the Legacy feature so feel a little more comfortable about how my affairs would be handled in event of a sudden and untimely death. As an added plus I can also access many of the regular sites that I visit in one click rather than having to enter tedious password details.

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