How to use The Windows Club WinFix10 Tool

The Windows Club ( is an excellent source of information for Microsoft Windows. They also have a library of tools including one for automatically fixing issues with Windows 10. Given the amount of work I am currently undertaking, digging people out of a large hole that Microsoft excavated for them with a very unreliable upgrade process from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10, this tool may well help people address issues on their systems.

To download the tool go to:

Unlike most applications this tool does not need to be installed and will run straight off your hard disk, or memory stick; just double click on the FixWin_10.exe file.

Once opened you will see a screen similar to that shown.

Screen Shot 12-21-15 at 04.57 PM

Follow the steps in order for the standard troubleshooting starting with running a System File Check.

Once this has completed I’d suggest ignoring the Re-Register Store Apps and moving on to take a Restore Point. (Note: that if you have loaded the latest Windows update v1511, released in November, you are warned NOT to run the Re-Register tool.)

You can now move on to run the main repair tool Repair Windows System Image. This will take a little time and you will hopefully see the screen shown when complete.

Screen Shot 12-21-15 at 06.07 PM

Remember: only use this tool, and other tools like it, if you are having problems. There is nothing to be gained from running this on a system that is working well.

Apart from this standard fix there are also a stack of individual fixes and trouble-shooters available from the left hand panel. Once again you should only run fixes mentioned if you are having a particular issue.

Screen Shot 12-21-15 at 06.09 PM

Some of these fixes/tools are fairly technical so be cautious and if you are unsure about the instructions given, or what a fix is actually doing then seek expert advice.

The Windows Club website also has similar repair packages for Windows 7/Vista and Windows 8 available via their download section.

All the best in this festive season

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