Excel Custom Lists

It’s been a while since I covered anything from my favourite application; Excel. Here’s a tip that some may find useful, especially in business.

Many will be familiar with the Excel feature that lets you enter a month; example January, then click on the bottom right of the cell and drag this along the next 11 cells to auto populate the other months of the year, from January to December.

What many won’t know is that you can create your own lists for doing this.


In this example I will create a set of five animal names that represent a group of items.


First open Excel and click on the File Tab then Options at the bottom.


Next click on Advanced to the left.

Scroll down to the General Section and find the option to edit Custom Lists

This is where you create your custom list. In this example I have classes at school called Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Pandas and Badgers.

I can use Custom List to create these as a list that I can drag to auto populate.

Click on NEW LIST

Type the LIST with a comma between each item; e.g: Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Pandas, Badgers



Now click Add


You should see your new list created at the bottom of the Custom Lists with values to the right.

Using your new list is straight forward.

Click in any Cell and type one of the names that you used in the list.


Next put the mouse cursor on the lower right of the cell – a large + sign appears


Click on this plus sign, hold down the left mouse button and drag to the right to auto populate the other columns.


You can use this horizontally for columns or vertically for rows.

Hope this is useful


Taff Lovesey

About taffybach

Author of the young adult fantasy novel series, The Portal Chronicles, including The Spider Gem and The Shimmering Gate. When not writing and promoting Taff runs a small IT support company, LITES PC based in Bourne UK.
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